(Français) L’équipe du Carrefour

The artistic direction of the event is assured by Raynald Ouellet. Founding member of the “Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon”, he directs the destiny of the event and the Accordion museum of which he is the artistic director since its beginnings. Under his direction, this unique event has an international impact and becomes the rendezvous of those musicians who shape the culture from here and beyond. With an original, varied, and sometimes daring program, he created an event that gathers every style and musical repertoire and gives back to the accordion his rightful place. Characterized by his open mind in regard of all musical styles, the program of the festival allows ever greater audiences to discover the pleasures new musical universes and to recognize the valour of our musical heritage. His infectious passion generates significant links with contributors to the musical scene around the world. Those friendship stories lead to collaborations that contribute to the positioning of the event abroad while it nourishes its content. His involvement in several regional or national comities emphasize his commitment to sustain the development of the cultural scene. His contribution in the cultural development of the region was notably recognized by the “Prix du rayonnement international” in the 17th edition of Excellency Prizes Of Arts and Culture of Chaudière-Appalaches in 2004 and more recently by the “Cécile Dupont-Chamard” prize of the 2005 Grand Touring Prizes and the “Prix du Patrimoine” for the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions.

Michel Têtu and Diane Lavoie manage all regular activities like publicity, logistic support of the event, visits of the museum, managing the store, tickets and the development of membership as well as management of material and human resources. They coordinate the efforts of about a hundred volunteer that work each year to make this eagerly awaited annual rendezvous possible.







Diane Lavoie, coordinator