Accordion Museum

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Come to the Accordion Museum and take a journey to discover why this instrument is often at the heart of the party! The accordion can be seen in many different forms and heard in many different styles of music; jazz, classical, musette, tango and throughout world music.

You will be very surprised at the rich tones produced by the accordion, affectionately referred to as a squeeze box, the stomach Steinway or the melodeon. Rediscover the important role of this small energetic instrument in Quebec music from yesteryear to the present…don’t be surprised if you start tapping your toes!

The Accordion Museum is housed in the historic monument Manoir Couillard-Dupuis. The museum manages a collection of 130 instruments that come from many different countries, of which approximately one third is on display for the public’s viewing pleasure. It is the only museum in all of Canada that is dedicated to a musical instrument.

Visitors can also explore the photo archives that are on display and some of the 1500 hours of recorded archives.

Through collecting, conserving and exhibiting, the Musée de l’accordéon is an important part of preserving Quebec’s cultural heritage.