Manoir Couillard-Dupuis

Situated in a lovely spot, not far from the banks of the Rivière-du-Sud, the Manoir Couillard-Dupuis was built back when the colony was first settled. It was around the year 1800 that the first structure on the site was erected, finally giving way to the building as it is today. Declared a historical monument in 1961, the Manoir Couillard-Dupuis represents one of the most imposing styles of domestic architecture in Québec. The manor was first restored in 1970, then in 1988 by the Minister of Cultural Affairs before being turned over to the City of Montmagny. The manor is considered one of the best examples of the history and heritage of Montmagny.

The Manoir Couillard-Dupuis has been the home of the Accordion Museum since 1992.

In the spring of 2000, the Accordion Museum became a member of the “Un air de famille en Chaudière-Appalaches” group, which aims at promoting heritage buildings that were at one point the residence of a well known figure in the region. In the spirit of this group, the Accordion Museum has put together an exhibit one the life of Louis-Absalon Couillard-Dupuis, the last seignior from the Couillard-Dupuis family to live in the manor.