The Musée de l’accordéon

Open all year long to visitors, the Musée de l’accordéon is part of the cultural and touristic circuit of the region.

Our museum is an important stop in the travel of the visitors. It holds many treasures telling the history of this travelling instrument that colors the cultural environment of the people of Montmagny for close than a century.

Its thorough knowledges of the regional heritage and its connection with many partners of the international accordion community has gathered many treasures and developed a unique expertise making of this small museum a place of grand discoveries.

logo musée de l'accordéon

In a journey through history, heritage, music and fun, the Musée de l’accordéon relates the restless route of the instrument. From the experimentations that led to his invention to the big European factories, the collections also evoke the music that made people on every continents dance. It tells too of how this important instrument in traditional music of Quebec is rooted in the regional heritage as well as underlining the expertise of the craftsmen, the refined making of the instruments that they craft and the passion of the successive generations of accordionists that lifted up the cultural life of the region.

Addressed to children of elementary school, 3 educational programs have been developed in a ‘stories and workshops’ formula offer an interactive experience to kids visiting the Accordion Museum.