Open all year long, the Musée de l’accordéon contains several treasures which recount the stormy journey of this off-roader instrument. Discover some rare and antique instruments, fruits of experiments that led to the invention of the accordion! Two exhibitions are offered: a physical one to discover directly at the Musée de l’Accordéon and a virtual one.

Museum exhibit 
The Many Sounds of the accordion!

In june 2021, the museum will offer you a brand new exhibition: 

The Story of a Well-Travelled Instrument

Since the accordion first appeared in 19th-century Europe, cultures the world over have adopted the instrument. Musicians from diverse backgrounds have made it their own, ensuring the development of accordion music across a range of genres. Initially the preserve of the Parisian elite, the instrument later found its way into the hands of entertainers playing musette, classical music, traditional music and jazz. Join us on this voyage of discovery as we uncover all the accordion has to offer

musée de l'accordeon montmagny

The Musée de l’accordéon has been identified as a museum institution by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications of Québec. The museum has indeed a unique collection with instruments from different time and coming from various countries. There is also a large collection of Visual and Sound Archives.

Do not forget stop off at the gift shop to listen to a wide choice of records and books about accordions! 

Located at the Manoir Couillard-Dupuis, it reminds us of the heritage value of this building, witness of a Montmagny history chapter. 


Virtual exhibition
The “chills box” and the musicians

The Musée de l’Accordéon offers a virtual exhibition about the Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon. For more than 30 years now, the Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon made his mark as a place of exchange between musicians from here and abroad who come from different artistic scopes.

The festival has nowadays impacts on the international, provincials and also locals stages. The event combine music, pleasure and tradition to offer the public the pleasure of sharing the moment.

This online exhibition is possible thanks to the financing of the Musée virtuel du Canada under the investment of Histoires de chez nous. This program is managed by the Musée canadien de l’histoire, with the financial support of the Canadian government.

This is also thanks to the collaboration of the Société d’Histoire de Montmagny and several inhabitants of Montmagny that this exhibition has been made possible.

Let yourself be surprised by the « chills box » and its musicians ! The virtual exhibition is available here.