Discover rare and ancient instruments fruit of much work that led to the invention of the accordion!

Open year-round to welcome visitors, the Musée de l’accordéon holds many treasures that relates the restless route of this travelling instrument. With our exhibit on the history of the accordion in the world you will learn more on the experimentations that led to its invention. Passing by the big European factories the collections also evoke the music that made people on every continents dance. Complètement Trad! L’accordéon diatonique au Québec is an interactive exhibit that portrays the emblematic instrument in Quebec’s culture: the small 10 keys diatonic accordion. Discover the expertise and the talent, renowned worldwide, of the craftsmen and accordionists of the region of Montmagny.

Recognize as a museum institution by the Ministère de la Culture et des communications du Québec, the Musée de l’accordéon manages a unique collection of instruments that represents different time periods and many countries as well as an important collection of audio and video archives. Don’t forget to stop at our specialized shop to have a look at our large choice of CDs and books on the accordions! Located in the Manoir Couillard-Dupuis, the museum also relates to the architectural heritage of this building, witness of a part of Montmagny’s history.